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Decadence Design delivers creative work that indulge the senses.


Decadence Design focuses on the indulgent F&B and retail industries. We are passionate about delivering top notch mouth-watering and eye catching designs to help build your brand, spread your message and find that deep connection between you and your customers. For delectable visuals that communicate, graphic design and creative artworks, look no further than Decadence Design!


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Why Choose Decadence Design

The Decadence Design team distils the relevant information from the background of each brand, in order to devise a complete brand ideology that will tell a compelling story. From this brand identity, we will then be able to create your logo, menu, posters, flyers and other visual communication marketing collaterals to help promote your brand.

logo design

Logo design

A logo is your brand in a single visual image. This image should be easy to understand and when your customers see it, they will think “ Yes! That’s you! ”

corporate identity

Corporate identity

Every brand needs to have a template of marketing materials that they can use to constantly communicate who they are and what they stand for. A corporate identity will guide your staff and customers to your brand promise.

collateral design

Collateral design

Marketing collaterals like posters, flyers, online banners, are all important ways of reaching our to your customers and communicating your me ssages. All of your collaterals should be integrated to portray one message about your brand.



Visual communications are the lifeblood of what we do. We help clients use strong imagery to communicate who they are at a glance – one look, one message, one action!

For each of our projects, we embark on the following 7-step process:


1. DISCOVERY : Cut through the clutter – who are you really? We help brands discover the heart of their business.

2. DISCUSSION : Is what we think you are what you think you are?

3. DELINEATION AND DIRECTION : Where do we go from here?

4. DRAFTING : First, we tell your stories in words, and decide on the tone

5. DOING THE DEED : All the dirty work beneath the sheets before we uncover the new you!

6. DELIVERY : A process to ensure execution at each stage for the multiple visual communication channels.

7. DUE DILIGENCE : The final checks and tweaks to perfection!



The Decadence Design team produces incisive designs that cut through the clutter to deliver messages with a clear call to action. This is important in a skip-generation world, where the modern working professional skims through all the information they have to get to the crux of the matter.



– Katherine, owner of a catering business

I like the fact that my designs are clean and the team is able to use the right colours, images and fonts to convey what I want. I believe that good design is teamwork – with the client, a marketing manager who understands what a brand needs, a great copywriter and and a creative designer to put all that together.


– Alan, Architect

It is enjoyable working with the team in Decadence as they are able to value add by suggesting marketing directions – I think this is because they are marketing trained – so you don’t just get a designer who knows how to use design software. You actually get proper marketing ideas that the designer needs to execute.


– Ken Lim Real Centre Network