Decadence Design delivers creative work that indulge the senses.

We are passionate about delivering top notch mouth-watering and eye catching designs

to help build your brand, spread your message and find that deep connection between

you and your customers. For delectable visuals that communicate, graphic design and creative artworks, look no further than Decadence Design!


Decadence Design is the design arm of ENCE that focuses on the indulgent F&B industry. We are team of dynamic and creative people who are passionate about delivering top notch designs to help build your brand, spread your message and find that deep connection between you and your customers through delectable visuals that communicate.

DEC.A.DENCE – [DEK-UH-DUH NS] A process, condition, or period of deterioration or decline, as in morals or art, decay. Often Decadence: A literary movement especially of late 19th-century France and England characterised by refined aestheticism, artifce, and the quest for new sensations.

The Decadence Design team distils the relevant information from the background of each brand, in order to devise a complete brand ideology that will tell a compelling story. From this brand identity, we will then be able to create your logo, menu, posters, flyers and other visual communication marketing collaterals to help promote your brand.


A logo is your brand in a single visual image. This image should be easy to understand and when your customers see it they will think “Yes! That’s you!”


Every brand needs to have a template of marketing materials that they can use to constantly communicate who they are and what they stand for. A corporate identity will guide your staff and customers to your brand promise.


Marketing collaterals like poster, flyers, online banners, are all important ways of reaching our to your customers and communicating your messages. All of your collaterals should be integrated to potray one message about your brand


Visual communications are the lifeblood of what we do. We help clients use strong imagery to communicate who they are at a glance – one look, one message, one action!

















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Decadence design is made up of people with integrity and influence, though which we attain the respect and trust of our partners and brands we work with

Robert is an experienced creative head, working with top global brands. Having worked with various clients and delivering top notch designs and web works, he has excellent design ideas and CROSS-PLATFORM technical knowhow in implementing quick and effective solutions for clients in the graphic and web-based world. He has served as an Art Director, WEB, and Photography and Video Editor in his career of more than 10 years. As a creative individual with a passion for design and hunger to learn, his skillset includes marketing graphic design, brochure and flyer design, WordPress template design and development, HTML and CSS coding, infographics, logo design, logo animation, photography, video editing and 3D modelling. Robert is a graduate in Information Technology from the Philippines.

Cristian has been a web development team lead and and expert in in web security and web servers management. He also designs websites and he is familiar with SEO, Google Analytics and ensuring websites are up to date as well as function well. Technically competent, Cristian brings his experience from Sovax Corp and Provenant Group, both US based companies, Jimmy Marketing (Connecticut) and Software Casa (Spain) to Southeast Asia . Cristian is a graduate in Programming and Systems Analysis and Design from the Philippines.

Arvin is an assertive and compassionate person committed to giving his best in everything he does and in every task assigned to him. He has always been willing to be trained and grow with the organisation that he is part of and to deliver better work to clients. He is extremely result-oriented and has expertise in business processes. His analytical skills and experience also help structure the work systematically for clients. Arvin is cheerful, helpful and gets things done in the fastest way possible. A quick learner, he is a joy to work with. Arvin holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

Gabriel holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and started his career as a Naval Engineer. He was drawn into the world of marketing when he worked for Men’s Health magazine, helping them garner sponsorships for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. He then went on to support Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Business School as a Marketing Executive and Assistant Manager respectively, in their social media and marketing content management. He also has events management experience, having worked with Experia Events. He brings on-ground and realistic insights to the marketing needs of our clients. Gabriel holds a Bachelor of Communication, specialised in Public Relations and Communication Studies.

Maria’s core passion lies with people. With more than 10 years of experience in the corporate events and services arena, Maria has developed a strong passion for the service industry. Maria has taken on several business development and marketing roles, on both local and regional levels.

Say Hua is an Honours graduate in English Literature from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Say Hua has always been inclined towards the English language but a spark was ignited during her undergraduate years as an English major. The rigour of academic writing, critical analysis, and in-depth research, not only in Literature, but also in other modules in Communications and Sociology, moulded her into a razor-sharp thinker, writer and communicator. Her internship as a Copywriter at an up-and-coming UX and UI design agency opened her eyes to even more forms of writing such as UX writing, web copy, marketing copy, case studies, blog articles and SEO writing. This was also where she created content for clients in the Property, Insurance and Digital Design industry. Being actively involved in the arts scene, she views writing as a craft that requires constant practice, mental agility and endless creativity to be able to communicate ideas clearly.

Angela integrates clients requirements with PR strategies laid out for clients and oversees their seamless implementation. For what is a strategy with no execution? Having been in the pioneer team to kick start the marketing for lifestyle brands (Nakamichi, Oregon Scientific, General Electric, Whirlpool) in SEA during her brand management days, Angela today is happily engaged with clients to create positive public perceptions for their brands. Angela has 16 years of marketing and 7 years of PR experience, and gladly shares her wealth of industry knowledge with clients and their teams. Angela is a BBA graduate of the NUS Business School and also a current serving director in the Business School Alumni (NUSBSA), heading the marketing development team. She is also SCOPE-IP Trained, Business Excellence trained and was a qualified Practising Management Consultant under the auspices of SPRING Singapore


We believe that a good piece of design is not just a pretty thing to look but one that conveys the message it’s meant to say. It should communicate, resonate and connect with people.

The Decadence Design Team produces incisive designs that cut through the clutter to deliver messages with a clear call to action. This is important in a skip-generation world, where the modern working professionals skims through all the information they have to get to the crux of the matter

Owner of a Catering Business

I like the fact that my designs are clean and the team is able to use the right colours, images and font to convey what i want. I believe that good design is teamwork – with the client, a marketing manager who understands what a brand needs, a great copywriter and a creative designer to put all that together.



It is enjoyable working with the team in Decadence as they are able to value add by suggesting marketing directions – I think this is because they are marketing trained – so you don’t just get a designer who knows how to use design software. You actually get proper marketing ideas that the designer needs to execute


Ken Lim
Real Centre Network


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