Restaurant Starter Pack

Restaurant Starter Pack

Improve your Restaurant’s Brand with Decadence Design’s Restaurant Starter Pack. Engage your audience with compelling graphic designs for EDMs, flyers, social media, and more. Transform your digital presence with our expert team.

Our Restaurant Starter Pack is your recipe for success in engaging your target audience and establishing a strong brand presence. With a delectable combination of compelling collateral materials and a comprehensive digital strategy, we equip your brand to leave a lasting impression across various online channels. Our Restaurant Starter Pack serves up a diverse menu of graphic designs, including EDMs, Flyers, Social Media posts, Ad Banners, and more.

From powerful designs to appetizing ideas, we’ve got you covered.

  • Free Copy-editing: $450
  • Flyer (A5, 1-sided, Free Copy-writing): $150
  • EDM (A5, Free Copy-writing, HTML format for Outlook sending): $250
  • Tent Card (DL, Triangle, 2-sided, Free Copy-writing): $250′
  • Google Ads Banner (3 sizes for various Google ad formats, Free Copy-writing, Free up to 3 changes): $150
  • Social Media Post (6 post designs, Free Copy-writing): $300“

Contact us now for a professional Restaurant Starter Pack. Our expert team is ready to advance your restaurant’s brand with compelling designs and engaging digital solutions.


What's Included?
  • Free copyediting) $450
  • Flyer (A5, 1-sided, Free copywriting) $150
  • EDM (A5, Free copywriting, HTML format for Outlook sending) $250
  • Tent Card (DL, Triangle, 2-sided, Free copywriting $250
  • Google ads banner (3 sizes for the various Google ad sizes. Free copywriting. Free up to 3 changes) $150
  • Social Media Post (6 posts designs, free copywriting) $300