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What's Included?
  • Conceptualisation
  • Provision of 3 mock ups (proposed designs)
  • Editing (up to 3 edits)
  • Provision of logo in 6 formats (in jpg: colour, black and white; in ai: colour, black and white; png: colour, black and white)

Get a unique and custom logo design from the best logo design agency Singapore. Decadence Design will design a logo that truly reflects your brand identity.

Logo Design Agency

So now that you have a brand name, what next? How do you graphically create something that stands for your brand in a memorable way? This is where our graphic logo design services come into play.

A logo is to a business what a cover is to a book — it lays the groundwork of trust between the company and the client. Thus, a good logo is essential to build brand recognition and recall. A well-designed logo also shows at one glance what you stand for and what your brand offers. It should not be overly complicated and it should be easily visible and understood by most of your target audience.

Having a logo is also the first step to showing your professionalism and to foster trust between your organisation and your customers. The logo will be able to show who you are, the brand promises that you stand for, and the benefits that your customers will gain

If your logo is designed with a modern look, it will signify to customers that you have a modern approach to the way you do business. If your logo is more traditional looking, then it may symbolise your company’s heritage, reliability and stability in providing the service or product that you say you will

The choice of colours are also important for a logo. Different colours symbolise different meanings and evoke different moods in customers. Different age groups also react differently to colours and shapes. So your logo should match with your target audience. Choosing a logo colour is an important part of the process. ...

The next most important part of a logo is the typeface, or font type. It is important to select a font type that matches your brand culture, and that is easy to read. Your logo, after all, needs to be readable and memorable in order for customers to know how to find you.

Your logo will also be prominently displayed on all of your marketing materials and marketing collaterals. It will also tie together all of your marketing efforts with having your logo consistently on all of your company’s documents and materials that customers receive. Through your logo, you will be able to quickly, with a glance, give customers the impression of what you do and how well you can do them.

As a top logo design agency in Singapore and Southeast Asia, our team understand the designs logos that communicate to a variety of cultures and languages. To stand out to customers, let our team create a powerful logo for you – one that truly defines your business and you company mission in a memorable manner.

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Decadence Design has been in the graphic design industry in Singapore since 2007.

Got questions? Here are the frequently asked questions with our answers.

Should you not find the answers to your concerns, please get in touch with us!

What is a logo design?

Simply explained, logos are images, words, symbols, or a combination of all three that represent the name and mission of a company.

A logo, however, can and ought to be more than just an emblem of recognition.
It conveys your brand statement and, if designed effectively, also tells the story of your business, in a style that promotes emotional resonance with your target market.

Why is a logo important?

A logo is crucial for many reasons, chief among them being that it:

  • Evokes a positive initial impression among customers, encouraging them to engage with your brand
  • Aids in building your brand identity
  • Gives your business a logo so that people will remember you more easily
  • Makes you stand apart among rivals
  • Encourages brand loyalty
What characteristics define a successful logo design?

A strong logo expresses the desired message and is recognizable, acceptable, usable, graphic, and basic in design. It is not acceptable to use third-party stock images or vector elements in logo designs. Your logo needs to be original, timeless, versatile and appropriate.

You can view some of the works we’ve done for our various clients.

Why should I get Decadence Design Singapore to design my logo?

Our team creates logos that communicate with the public and establish the visual tone and voice of your company as a leading logo design firm in Singapore.

Let our staff design a strong logo for you so that you may stand out to customers and ensure that they remember you and have positive associations with you. Logos is closely symbolic of people’s memories and feelings.

Reach out to us right away!

How Much Does a Custom Logo Design Cost?

Our logo design package starts at $299 inclusive of conceptualization, 3 design proposals and up to 3 revisions.

What file formats do I get?

Provision of logo in 6 formats (JPG: colour, black and white; AI: colour, black and white; PNG: colour, black and white)

We can provide the files in different sizes upon request.

How long does it take for a design to be completed?

Project duration depends on the type of design or design requirements. A logo or social media post design proposal may be submitted within 3 days after the receipt of the creative brief. Website designs may take longer as these are content-heavy.

The complete turnaround from drafting to completion may take 2 weeks or more depending on response time and any extra design modifications.

The more collaborative the client is, the more efficient our team will be.

What if I don’t like any of the designs presented?

When the initial batch of designs is shown to you, you will have the chance to comment and, if necessary, ask for changes.

Although you are free to make as many modifications as you like, the normal project scope includes up to three revision rounds. There will be an extra charge if, in the odd occasion, more changes or design proposals are required.

Before we move forward with the modifications, any additional fees must be approved by both sides.

Can I get my old Logo Design modified?

It is feasible to update an outdated logo design so that it has a fresh, appropriate style and feel. We would create a variety of Logo Design choices for you to pick from based on your current Logo, your instructions, and the new image you wish to present.

Do you only do logo design projects in Singapore?

Decadence Design accommodates clients around the globe and offers graphic design services in all their facets. For any kind of company or group, we can create custom designs for any print or digital media. It includes, but is not limited to business cards, brochures, flyers, packages, websites, banners, and posters.

See our services pricelist and all inclusions here.