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How Branding and Design Consistency Can Improve Your Business

by | Sep 6, 2016

The general perception is that branding is a mere marketing strategy and all it involves is a company coming up with a name, an image, a logo and any other means by which the buying public can remember them or recall their products or services. However, that is only half true. Branding is more than just a catchy name or an attractive logo. It is the commitment a business gives to its prospective customers. It is a reputation that you as a business owner want to build and maintain for your company and your product. Your branding is, the perception and recognition the public gives you immediately when they see your name and your product’s logo on a billboard or a broadsheet spread.

Given that branding will have an impact on the relationship that you tend to build with your prospective clients, it is therefore of utmost importance that you are very consistent in your projections. For instance, it will be difficult to build customer loyalty and confidence when your products and services only make an appearance seasonally. Or when you’re acquiring trust, there can’t be constant feedback of technical defects or issues with your items.

For a graphic design company in Singapore that you can trust with all your branding and design needs, get in touch with Decadence Design. At Decadence Design, we believe that a good design is not just about a good-looking artwork but one that conveys a brand message on the mark. It should communicate, resonate and connect with our client’s customers.

So, why is consistency in branding and design important? Here are some vital points to note:

You get to build a positive reputation for your company and product.

Reputation is everything. Just like a country’s President tries to convince a nation that he can run the country efficiently and diplomatically so there are no wars and the country thrives – your branding needs to earn the “votes” of the people around you. Through a consistent brand image and design, you project a very positive image of yourself. You become something that people can always remember and rely on.

You gain the trust of the consumers.

Consistency in branding and design helps you gain the trust of your clients—existing and prospective alike. The public likes stability. They want a product that is going to be always available, trustworthy and not get taken off the shelves because of safety related issues. They want a company that will not capitalise on their needs but would actually serve it. If you are consistent, you can be that one brand or company that people would trust because they know you are a reliable brand.

You eliminate confusion among your consumers.

Brands and designs that do not change ever so seasonally would not confuse consumers. If you changed your logo ever so often, how would your customers relate yo your products or services or recognise you? In simple facts, how will they know that the bottle with the green logo is actually the same soy sauce that tastes exactly like the one that had the red label they bought previously and it is indeed the same product?

There is longevity in terms of brand recall.

To continue from the point made above, having a consistent brand would foster a longer and healthier relationship with your consumers. You become a household name. Do you realise how people actually mean toothpaste when they say “Colgate”? It is simply due to the fact that the brand name “Colgate” has become intertwined with the reason for purchase and its purpose that over time due to its strong design and brand positioning, Colgate is toothpaste. This is what you get with consistent design. At some point, your buyers would be able to access your products easily at all major retailers.

Products may change but the consumer impact is not compromised.

Have you noticed how Coca-Cola has already produced several other drinks in its range but consumers have not changed their perception of Coca-Cola being a refreshing drink. This is true testament of strong branding. When you have already projected a consistent and positive reputation with your brand, no matter how different the next product you launch from its predecessor, your customers will not doubt the quality. You could have started off being a small pizza outlet that grew to serving pasta and many more but your customer base does not get affected.

To recap, branding and design are indeed important and need to be given thought. It does not just get you started with your sales; it will also sustain the brand message and image through several years. If you are unsure or struggling to under design, take heart, there are many branding and design consultancies that you can approach to kick start your branding exercise. These designers can also help you build a network that you can sell your products to.

These branding and design consultancies who are experts in the field are very much in tune with customer expectations and behaviour knowledge. It is a worthy investment that you will not regret.

Just remember that all your branding and design collaterals remain consistent throughout your marketing channels. Call Decadence Design today and let us turn your ideas into branding and design collaterals that communicate, resonate, connect with people, and more importantly, indulge the senses.

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