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Decadence Design Named One of the Best Logo Design Companies by BestDesigns.co

by | Dec 20, 2020

Research shows that logo design updates are one of the most requested branding services in 2020. According to the same study, the surge in demand is directly related to the accelerated pace of digitalization during the COVID crisis.

To stand out among the growing competition, businesses are investing in services such as logo (re)design that instantly differentiate their brand in the crowded market.

BestDesigns.co, a design inspiration platform for marketers and digital designers, has issued the ranking list of the top logo design agencies in December to help businesses update their visual identity in 2021.

The top logo design agencies in December are:

1. Launch Digital – launchscotland.com
Expertise: Brand Building, Web Design, Graphic Design and more

2. Lien Design – liendesign.com
Expertise: Packaging Design, Label Design, Logo Design and more

3. You’ll – youll.be
Expertise: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Social Media Management and more

4. SimplePlan Media – simpleplanmedia.com
Expertise: Web Design, Branding, Digital Marketing and more

5. Simplico – simplico.hr
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Digital Advertising and more

6. Art Fresh, Inc. – art-fresh.ca
Expertise: Branding & Rebranding, Creative Design, Web Design and more

7. Tenderling – tenderling.com
Expertise: Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design and more

8. ElephantMark – elephantmark.com
Expertise: Branding, Digital Marketing, Interactive Design and more

9. Studio MFP – studiomfp.com
Expertise: Web Design, Content Marketing, Creative Design and more

10. Cerberus Agency – cerberus.agency
Expertise: Branding, Consumer Research, Media Buying and more

11. Punch Design Co. – punchdesign.co
Expertise: Branding, Content Marketing, Brand Photography and more

12. Ralev – ralev.com
Expertise: Branding, Product Design, Video & Motion and more

13. Mystique Brand Communications – mystique.ca
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Email Marketing and more

14. Sociallyin – sociallyin.com
Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Creative Design, Branding and more

15. Erretres – erretres.com
Expertise: Branding, Communication Strategy, Packaging Design

16. WeirdTales Design Studio – weirdtalesdesigns.com
Expertise: Web Design, Print Design, Branding and more

17. Into the Blue Agency – intotheblueagency.com
Expertise: Branding, Creative Design, Experience Marketing and more

18. Spin350 – spin350.com
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Print Design and more

19. Decadence Design – decadencedesign.com
Expertise: Print Design, Social Media Marketing, Animated Videos and more

20. Chordya – chordya.com
Expertise: Branding, Packaging Design, Web Design and more

21. Suits & Sandals – suits-sandals.com
Expertise: Branding, Web Design, Web Development and more

22. Percept Brand Design – percept.com.au
Expertise: Branding, Packaging Design, Web Design

23. The NetMen Corp – thenetmencorp.com
Expertise: Creative Design, Packaging Design, Illustration and more

Other companies to consider for your branding or rebranding project:

1. Tribe Global – tribeglobal.net
Agency network

2. Skookum Films – skookum-films.com
Video production experts

3. Ripple Animation – rippleanimation.com
Animated video production experts

4. Suria International Services Pte. – suriainternational.com
Software and web development experts

Brands and individuals can get inspired by the best logo designs featured on BestDesigns.co.

About BestDesigns.co: BestDesigns.co is an online resource that features the best website, logo, print, app, package and video designs from around the world. Users can search and filter by type, industry, style and more to find renowned inspiration for website designs, branding campaigns, marketing initiatives, and more.

This article was adapted from Cision PRWeb.

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