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Design What Boss Likes or What I Like?

by | Oct 10, 2018

When the boss (aka Owner or Managing Director) is more of a business and marketing person, rather than a professional designer, it can be frustrating. Your design may not be what he/she likes or what the client likes (so he said).

We think it is not a simple “difference in tastes or perspectives”, but more of two parties being able to articulate the requirements of the job at hand and express their ideas of the product, and finding the balance between being aesthetically artistic and commercially viable.

Here are some tips to survive that head-on clash with the boss:-

  1. Have Patience and Stay Humble
  • Just realise how much one has to learn no matter how long one is in the industry


  1. Learn How to Communicate better.
  • Find out what and understand why he/she wants it in a certain way.


  1. Getting People to See Your Perspective Is An Art Itself.
  • It is not always about making things look right (less text, more visuals) or what looks good.
  • People need to know the reasons.


  1. Give Respect. Earn Respect.


  1. Remember the choice is still always the boss’s. After all, he/she has to answer for the consequences and results of the company, not you.


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