Design for Less Waste!

by | Jun 24, 2019

Recent studies have shown how critical it is for people to be making a more conscious effort in how they treat the environment. Citizens around the world are coming together to work towards cleaning up the earth and being more intentional with their use of resources such as plastic, paper, water and energy.

Everyday there are new tips and tricks coming out about how to be more environmentally friendly. In honor of World Environment Day this month, we here at Decadence Design want to share some of those with you and which ones work best for us.

  1. Should I print this

This one may seem self-explanatory, but sometimes it’s easy to forget. We live in an age where it is so easy to communicate digitally, so there is really no need to print every draft or template you design. Every time you plan on printing, ask yourself “do I need to print this?” If your answer, is no or even maybe, then consider ways you can get the design communicated through online resources.

2. Ink Use

As ideal as it is to completely cut out printing, unfortunately it is just not plausible. However, those times where you do need to print, you can still be environmentally conscious! Ink can be very toxic for the Earth, so be aware of how much ink you use when you print. Also, when your ink cartridge runs out, did you know you can recycle it? There are places all over that take old ink cartridges, so be sure to do your part and recycle them!

3. Be aware of energy use

In the design world, a lot of energy is used after a long day in the office working on a computer. It is important to be aware of how much energy you are using. If you need to charge your computer or phone, unplug it once it is fully charged! Don’t leave it plugged in all day.

4. Small businesses          

There’s no doubt that small, local businesses are always going to leave a smaller carbon footprint due to the fact that they do not have big factories releasing greenhouse gases into the air. Here at Decadence we have a variety of different clients, but we always enjoy supporting local businesses and startups!

Be innovative and flexible

This one is crucial! As society is ever changing and new ways of “going green” are being discovered, allow yourself to be able to adapt to that change. Even better, work to come up with your own unique ways to be environmentally friendly. Whether it be having a recycling program in the office or trying to work with more environmentally conscious companies, there are a ton of ways to make a positive impact that are unique to you and your company.

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