Design Ideas For Chinese New Year

by | Jan 10, 2018

Chinese New Year gives us all a very good reason to deck our offices in shades of red, gold and orange, to usher in the New Year on a good, prosperous note! Who doesn’t enjoy hanging up those lanterns and pasting those decorative pieces of paper with Chinese phrases of good luck and good cheer?

Take your celebration of the festivities up a notch with Chinese New Year inspired design for your brand as well! Not only will it put you in the festive mood, it will give your business a welcome marketing boost as well! Customers always appreciate a good reminder of the festive season, especially with big festivals like Chinese New Year. Here are 3 quick ways to inject some Chinese New Year cheer into your brand’s design that will help your business make the most of the celebratory mood of the season!


This one is a really simple but effective way of conveying the Chinese New Year mood in your design work! Nothing screams Chinese New Year more than a vivid red and gold banner with oriental details of dragons and phoenixes, so you can easily tweak your brand’s logo or packaging in this manner.

There are so many fun and creative ways to do this, but bear in mind that you want to make sure you’re your brand identity is not compromised! Switching up the colour palette for the Chinese New Year season while keeping your brand identity intact may be more challenging, so it is imperative you work with a designer who GETS you, inside out.

Festive Greetings 

Designing a festive greeting in the format of a web banner or EDM is a cost-effective and great way to spread some Chinese New Year vibes if you are short on time! Just get a designer to do one up for you, with good wishes for prosperity, luck, health and wealth for the upcoming year – complete with your business’s branding visible, of course. Send it out to your email database or upload the banner on your website about a month before the festivities. Add in some interactive elements or animated gifs for a splash of fun for your customer.

Festive details

They always say that the devil is in the details, and it is no different for a successful Chinese New Year design! Adding in details like the animal zodiac for the year (we are welcoming the year of the Dog this Chinese New Year!), and well-thought through phrases that wish the receiver prosperity, good health, happiness and good fortune, will really elevate your Chinese New Year design. Other details like ensuring the Chinese words are presented in beautiful calligraphy will also make your Chinese New Year design stand out from the crowd. Motifs like cherry blossoms, dragons, phoenixes, mandarin oranges, gold ingots and images of Spring all work well together to bring across an authentic Chinese New Year festive vibe!

We’ll help your business come up with Chinese New Year designs that will give your brand a prosperous start to the new year! Do chat with us for more ideas – we’d love to see how we can help!

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