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F1 – Designing for Speed.

by | Sep 21, 2018

September is all about Speed in Singapore. Yes, because of Formula 1.


Often than not, businesses get caught up in getting their design PERFECT. In turn, they lose time, potential clients and money when they are too myopic in their outlook.  The perfect design is one that is timely, gets the message across using the right marketing channels to the intended target audience. Many a times, companies deliberate even questions like is red or the blue better at length. When they should leave the designers to stress over this. From today’s fast-paced world point of view, marketing managers and designers need to know when to draw the line between perfection versus business objectives.


Today’s customer attention is also short-lived. To engage them, campaigns must be timely. Timely marketing means you have to reach them when they’re ready to engage. It means catching the customers at the right moment in their particular type of journey. Right message, right time has always been a goal of marketing. A few tips:


  • System connectivity allows automation for quicker execution and better data analytics


  • Break projects into phases. Set smaller milestones and focus on incremental improvements toward the eventual goal


  • Maintain momentum even with a moving target. Keep check of your objectives and focus on making decisions to meet them


  • Limit the amount of revisions a project can undergo to be selective of the design option


  • Assumed the worst and list the assumptions. Rate and rank. If the risk is high, continue improving. Otherwise, checked and move on.


Embrace Imperfect Perfection. Perfection is the enemy of Innovation. Use imperfection as a vehicle to test assumptions, monitor results and make improvements, and one day what might be, could be, can and will be the perfect product, the perfect customer experience, and the perfect profits.

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