ASEAN looked to Singapore to lead the policy on anti-competition. The bid for the branding and design for this policy was won by an overseas agency, which specifically searched for a Singaporean agency to help them.

The Challenge

Decision-making across 11 Southeast Asian nations was a slow roundtable process. Each country’s representatives and our design team met every 3 months in a different country each time. At the same time, anti-competition was not a widely understood topic, even among the committee. Our team had to do much research and present the data in a format that was easily understood at each stage, to aid the committee in decision-making.

Our Solution

Taking reference from past work done for ASEAN policies, we had to be culturally and racially sensitive, and so we conceptualised work that would be on the “safe” side so that it would be more easily acceptable by the 11 committee members, for their countries.

The Result

From Bali to Bangkok, over 9 days and nights, the committee finally settled on the brand direction and content that was to be developed by our team. We eventually created content and designs that brought up the issues that the committee wanted to portray in a simple, yet sophisticated manner befitting of cross-government policies and projects.