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‘Chiron’ (kye’-rən, IPA: /’kairən/), renowned as a master of healing, was the supreme centaur, a being with the upper body of man and the lower torso of a horse in ancient Greek mythology.

Chiron Flight Services captures the essence of Chiron the centaur in its steadfast, skillful, and compassionate approach towards others, especially in the aid of the sick and injured as a medical concierge and travel private jet service.

The Challenge

The client needed a brand direction, and logo that encapsulated what their mission was. The client was an SME and run by a small team with no prior knowledge or experience in brand marketing.

Our Solution

Decadence Design skewed the brand direction into one that used the company’s original idea for the name into something that would encapsulate their overall mission and services provided. We created a logo that used the company’s initials, and portrayed the centaur in a heroic stance, very much like how Chiron’s staff and medical team will appear to their customers and patients in need.

The Result

A brand direction and logo that has stood the test of time and is still as current today as when it was created ten years ago.

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