ICS was established by a UK citizen who had worked in Singapore. Inspired by the greenery and the potential of the carbon offset market, the company was founded to provide customised solutions to companies in the UK and Singapore to consult them on carbon management for their business operations.

The Challenge

Creating a logo from scratch that would at once portray a personal touch, and yet symbolise a consulting company for the yet-mainstream world of carbon managemen.

Our Solution

We used the initials of the company to create the logo, with the I shown as a small ‘í’ that looked like a person, holding on a carbon block (depicted by the c and the s). We loved the way the C and the S managed to join together to show a diamond, which is synonymous with carbon.

The rest of the brand identity then followed, using this C and S in the shape of a diamond throughout the corporate collaterals.

The Result

A distinctive, yet meaningful logo, as one could easily see the company’s initials and the depicted of carbon.

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