MINISTRY OF MANPOWER (MOM) Harmony@Workplaces Campaign

The Ministry of Manpower wanted to lauuch this campaign at work places to promote the concept of racial harmony and working harmoniously with understanding of the various races, customs and cultures in one office.

The Challenge

As a new campaign, the brief was … very brief. Coupled with a short 3-week timeline, we did not have much time to conceptualise and brainstorm with the client. As with working with all government agencies, we had to showcase the breadth of the campaign, to encompass the various types of organisations, workplaces and stakeholders who would resonate with the messaging.

Our Solution

So, from the get-go, our team took control of the project and proposed our direction and ideas for the campaign, thankfully the client accepted them swiftly and we could work on the visuals and social media posts quickly. We proposed a specific yet generic campaign key visual, which we knew government agencies would like, based on our experience with other government bodies in the past.

The Result

A multi-racial, multi-coloured, attractive visual and theme for this social media campaign that garnered more 2,000 likes and 100 photo contest submissions in 3 weeks, making the campaign a huge success as we had exceed the targets set by 100%.

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