Omni-Health is a leading provider of pharmacy automation Solutions and services for healthcare institutions Asia-Pacific. They assist healthcare institutions in managing, planning and implementing phases of automation in inpatient and outpatient operations.


The Challenge

The client needed a close relationship with their web team to update, upgrade and manage their website in order to align with their current brand direction. The user experience on their old site was based on HTML coding from 10 years back, clunky, and not attractive for the modern web user. They also had several legacy websites and domain names that were orphaned, or ownerless which further confused the company’s branding.


Our Solution

Decadence Design upgraded the visuals and user experience of their website to align with their brand vision of tech innovation. We also stripped the information on the site to the main products and services they had, and consolidated or discarded the old websites they owned as they were not relevant or useful after the consolidation.


The Result

A much more comprehensive, less confusing and appealing website, with user-friendly tabs for easier navigation.

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