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One Piece is a popular Japanese Manga series.

The Challenge

The client was an appointed Singapore distributor for the brand’s flagship launch in Southeast Asia.  We needed to use the copyrighted icons and characters, and at the same time add many Singapore icons and flavours to the already fanciful characters.  The Corporate Identity was clear, and yet this made our job more complicated as we did not want to infringe or anger any of the manga’s creators.

Our Solution

Decadence Design worked with the client to decide which Singapore icons they would like to integrate into the Singapore version of the One Piece logo.  After which we then discussed the points of integration on which characters would best portray each Singapore icon and where on their outfit/bearing.

The Result

A logo that was at one glance One Piece, and yet Singaporean, synonymous with the brand’s global identity and yet localised to assure customers of the brand’s good intent to blend in with the local culture.

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