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Spiking, the world’s first and only financial-technology app that uses crowdsourcing technology to aggregate information for investors across global stock exchanges and crypto exchanges and created in Singapore, launches the Spike Talk series.
Spike Talks are meant to gather investors and share in-depth investment knowledge or new developments in the industry, to help create a more robust investment community.

The Challenge

The challenge lay in creating a cohesive visual brand experience for the Spike Talk series across a range of media.

The Solution

We crafted a striking new logo, a user-friendly website, and captivating EDM campaigns. The new logo encapsulated the dynamism of the series, and the website’s intuitive design facilitated easy navigation, enhancing user engagement. Crafting EDMs posed a challenge in conveying the series’ allure concisely. Despite these hurdles, our team delivered an integrated visual and interactive experience.

The Result

The results were transformative. The redesigned brand elements resonated with the audience, spiking interest and participation in Spike Talk. The website witnessed increased traffic, and the EDM campaigns garnered heightened subscriber interaction. Spiking’s Spike Talk series not only gained visibility but also established a powerful brand identity, thanks to Decadence Design’s innovative and strategic design solutions.

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