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9 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas [Infographic]

by | Nov 18, 2018

Trade show booths
If this phrase doesn’t excite you, you aren’t alone. We have all been to trade shows and seen countless booths without a single drop of inspiration between them. They are all too often boring. Stale. Corporate.

With so many bland trade show booths out there, it’s no wonder that many people struggle to come up with engaging ideas for their own booths. How do you make something compelling, on-brand, and unique when so much of what’s out there is so boring? Where can you draw a bit of inspiration from?

Before you call up your old vendor and resign to a booth as uninspired as its visitors are bound to be, consider that there are actionable changes you can implement that will truly transform your trade show booth.

We scoured the best and worst of the trade show landscape to find nine truly creative trade show display ideas that you can easily incorporate into your booth design. Sure, some ideas may be a bit more time and resource intensive than others, and others may push the envelope a bit too far for more conservative brands. But after doing countless hours of research and attending hundreds of trade shows, we’re confident at least one of these ideas can breathe life into your booth.

Source: https://www.coastalcreative.com/trade-show-booth-ideas/

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