The MoveSG Summit organised by Goldbell, a leading player in the automotive technology and leasing business.

The Challenge

A global platform, a pandemic, travel restructions and tech challenges to bring everyone onboard in a hybrid on-site, online event.

Our Solution

All the marketing design was slated for online use, as that would allow the client to go 100% online should the COVID-19 pandemic worsen. At the same time, the online stage allowed more global participants and marketing to take place. With this in mind, the branding had to be suitably forward thinking and eye-catching to compete with all the other webinars and summits happening around this period.

The Result

An everlasting brand identity and cohesive on-ground marketing materials that emboldened the MoveSG and Goldbell brands, and of course, a memorable event, that accompanied and enveloped speakers and guests from beginning to end, with the event persona.

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