Geek Terminal was set up to be an airport terminal in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) so that yuppies on-the-go could park their luggage and hop onto a taxi straight after their meeting in Raffles Place, to head on to the airport for their next flight. Fitted out with the latest Cisco wireless systems for wifi and security, and Panasonic presentation systems, the café was ahead of its time as a co-working space.

The Challenge

Understanding the tech and relaying the innovations into layman understandable language for marketing purposes. Educating customers to partake in the office of the future, and to use the technology the café offered.

Our Solution

We got to the heart of the matter and created a series of networking events and seminars for customers to get to understand the technology and to be comfortable with the space. At the same time, creating tech-driven, friendly marketing materials and menus for the daily patron.

The Result

A modern and futuristic brand identity that was implemented throughout the café.

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