Gyu Bar is a premium Japanese wagyu steak restaurant housed within the Dine at Stevens enclave under Accor, with Novotel and Mercure hotels. While it uniquely serves beef on sushi rice and other format and is in a well-hidden and exclusive part of the hotel ground, it is not a fine-dining establishment per se.

The Challenge

The location and premium offerings by the restaurant meant that it had low visibility with patrons. Our challenge was to create a bold, design that was at the same time premium, yet form an affinity with their target audience and potential audience, whom we did not want to alienate, whatever premium impression they had of the brand.

Our Solution

We developed a bold graphic with darker blue and red to denote the seriousness of the brand with their offerings, and yet, blue and red are striking counter colours to attract readers. Together with straight-cut simple fonting, we managed to achieve a fun, vibrant and yet elegant look for the restaurant.

The Result

The media tasting was well received and The Gyu Bar received some much needed media attention.

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