Happy Cup is a Taiwanese brand of bubble tea which presents large vertical towers of tea leaves for customers to see and choose their tea from. Visually different compared to other bubble tea outlets, Happy Cup needed a brand that was synonymous with their brand in Taiwan, and yet appealing to the Singaporean.

The Challenge

To create a fun, happy branding and yet differentiate it from all the other bubble tea stores already in the market. Also, to use its Taiwanese branding and convert that into the Singapore context.

Our Solution

We tried to use most of what the client had from their branding in Taiwan. With minimal adaptations, it made it easier for the company to manage their overall brand and also keep costs low with regards to adaptations. Since the brand was already an established one in Taiwan, we decided to go with the natural, photo taken look for the brand, as it made it look for serious and mature, compared to other younger brands in the market. The brand was also slated to open in the business district in Singapore, so their target market were more working professionals than students.

The Result

A more mature brand identity that resonated with the company’s branding in Taiwan, and that appealed to the working professional crowd in Singapore.

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