Mussvital is a benchmark for pharmaceutical quality in hygiene and daily skin care. It offers a wide range of products for facial and body care and photoprotection. Mussvital is innovation, and research, and is committed to the development of active complexes for skin care.

The Challenge

The client had no marketing team to oversee the web development. It was initially tasked to a freelancer/student, and as expected, while the website was completed the person engaged was too inexperienced to fix the technicalities to make the website flow smoothly.

Our Solution

We took over, including porting the website to a new server as the old server kept having downtime issues. Taking over included rewriting the entire site, re-consolidating the information and incorporating the items the client wanted his website to have all along, but was not able to be done by the freelancer.

The Result

A working e-commerce website with coupon discounts and order tracking, as well as a blog to give web visitors insights on the medical issue facing patients with eczema or sensitive skin and ow Mussvital products help. Once the website was complete we were also able to run Facebook campaigns to give out samples when visitor registered their interest online.

Decadence created a website designed for success, with all the necessary ecommerce functionalities working to perfection as well as a blog to keep our audience informed and entertained.”

– Mr Alex Tay, Director, Aenon Phamaceuticals SEA

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