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The Race Against Racism is an annual run around the Marina Bay area in Singapore that serves as a reminder that we cannot take racial harmony for granted.

The Challenge

The race was organised and managed by a non-profit organisation.  While they had grand plans, they also have government stakeholders and limited funds.   The designs had to be captivating, and yet take into consideration the governmental aspects and some visuals and messages had to be toned down.

Our Solution

Decadence Design worked closely with the client’s marketing team to ensure that the messages were consistent, double-checked and approved.  We went to the extent of blacking out some images, and making them generic-looking in order not to stir any sensitivity on an already-sensitive subject.  We also used the bold colours of the overall brand loco (orange is the colour for racial harmony) and used them extensively as graphic elements to attract people.

The Result

A bold, outstanding brand and feel for the 6th instalment of the Race Against Racism saw a record 6,000 participants signing up for the run.


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