Real Timme is a cloud-based accounting software company that targets MCSTs (Management Corporation Strata Title management groups) to help condominiums, private and commercial land owners and developers to manage their monthly dues and annual accounting requirements.

The Challenge

This was a new software being launched in the market. The challenge was its lack of branding, resources and manpower to promote the software to the MCST market.  The current website also included too many details on the workings of the software which only accounting professionals would appreciate, but at a later stage of software use, not at the website viewing stage.

Our Solution

Decadence Design redeveloped the company’s website and PowerPoint slides to make it more streamlined, and showcased only the necessary information in order to sell the software to MCST management.

The Result

Cohesive, comprehensive and a cleaner overall look and feel that aided understanding and sales of the software.


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