This direct-to-attractions transport service is a popular choice with tourists who want quick and unconfusing access to multiple attractions in a day.

The Challenge

The client’s original business was a premier bus service and the logo reflected a bus service. It was old, and unappealing tourist who were looking for something more upbeat to match their mood of going on a fun holiday.

Our Solution

Decadence Design guided the client through a series of branding exercises that included their core management team, and the biggest brainstorm moment for the company came when they CEO realised that the brand direction that their staff were headed was different from the original vision of the CEO. 

We promptly deleted all the work that had been done until that point and started anew, with renewed enthusiasm, and finally developed a brand identity that was fresh, and that encompassed the wide range of transport services the company provides to tourists to get them to the various attractions in Singapore. The new logo shows a wheel in motion instead of just a bus service, and uses orange and light blue to help identify the vans, buses and vehicles that the company provides.

The Result

Even before the brand exercise was done, the marketing materials that rolled out brought a 30% increase in ticket sales to the company, which further reinforced that the rebranding was a long-awaited and productive one for the entire company.

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