The General Room was founded by a KL consortium that wanted to capitalise on Singapore’s booming co-working space industry, as global and tech companies made the city state their HQ.

The Challenge
Decadence Design was engaged to create a synchronously memorable brand for this modern, shared-office concept located in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore.  As a total new set up with busy directors based in Malaysia, it was difficult for our teams to meet to conduct a full branding exercise.

Our Solution
With the few initial meetings we had, our team was able to suss out the direction and ideology that the top management would like for their new brand.  Decadence Design played on the dual meaning of the co-working brand to develop the brand identity that would make the best use of both meanings of the word: General.

While The General Room would mean that it was a space for all businesses in general, we capitalised on the military connotation of its name and created a distinctive brand that was able to be extended to create a complete persona for the brand that included naming it’s rooms according to army terms like Squadron and Platoon for the different-sized rooms.

The Result
The client loved the logos and brand direction presented from the offset and they got a distinctive brand and elegant 360 one-shot-one-kill identity for the client.