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Designing An Email Newsletter That People Will Read

by | Sep 8, 2019

Email newsletters are not dead. They are still one of the most effective and direct ways of reaching your target audience to communicate a brand message. A well-designed email newsletter will help you build an engaged subscriber base, stay connected with your target audience, reward your customers and convert leads into business.

When it comes to disseminating a newsletter, as with everything, communication is key. How would you want to speak to your audience in the best way possible? First, we must understand the different types of email newsletters and their different marketing objectives. Email newsletters include:

1. Behavioural emails to respond to user behaviour
2. Inaugural emails to welcome new users on board
3. Promotional emails to publicise a new product or offer a discount to subscribers
4. Seasonal emails for time-sensitive information

How do you best present these pieces of information? With scanning through information becoming the norm, user engagement rests on the appeal of your content. And copy + design is exactly that – content.

Tips on newsletter design:
1. Content is King
– Include only what will benefit your customers such as a tips and tricks, discounts and promotions. Take note of visual hierarchy as well – the top banner of your newsletter is what users first see before scrolling so make it attractive enough that they won’t hit the delete button immediately.

2. Keep it Simple
– Rely on visuals to tell the story, use infographics whenever possible and white space is your best friend! Every email newsletter should have a clear focus and objective. And the user interacting with the newsletter should be aware of that.

3. Use Colours
– Many email newsletters use colour blocking to create an overall look and feel. Colours also instantly brighten up the overall design and captures attention. Use colours wisely though – make sure they achieve their intended effect!

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