Established in 1979, Chin Yuan Metal started off in Singapore as a small trading company. Over the years, they invested heavily in people, equipment and technology and grew to become a leading manufacturer and stockist of bolting, pipe accessories and tunnel and rail accessories, as well as a specialist builder of structural steel works.

The Challenge
As the second generation took over the business, they sought to upgrade their brand image to be synonymous with market trends.  Chin Yuan needed a new identity, a logo, a brochure and sales kit for their sales team to perform better in the modern world.

Our Solution
We created a simple and timeless logo for the client using few strokes, to denote the 3 lines in a screw to symbolise the heritage of their original business in nuts and bolts and came up with a strong tagline that concisely said what the company was about: Structurally Sound, Continuously Committed.  In this tagline, we played on the pun of using Chin Yuan’s hardware to entrench in the minds of customers, that its products are safe for the structures they build, as well as the strength of the company having been around for their customers throughout the years.

To prevent it from being a boring hardware catalogue, for the product photoshoot, we engaged a young and passionate photographer.  He then created “smiles” and “personalities” in the product placements for the shoot.  His efforts paid off as the catalogue was designed with curves and colours to complement his photos.

The Result
An identity when previously there was none; a fresh start for the next generation to take over!