PT Gem is an augmented reality company that tracks nodes of use (such as electrical points or security cameras) for buildings.  The software is able to pinpoint areas of high traffic or of concern once the building and the nodes are mapped.

The Challenge

No website, a highly sophisticated software that few understood and that needed some 3D mapping to bring to fruition.

Our Solution

Decadence Design worked with the company’s technical and software team to develop a customised interface for the UX (user experience) on their website as these guys were experts in mapping complex information into simple-to-use dashboards. Our team also had to put in much effort to understand the software and its use before we could create meaningful messages for their marketing items.

The Result

A beautiful, semi-rendered in 3D graphic mode website and well-written copy that succinctly encompasssed what the technology was about, and that customers could readily understand.