SAESL is an aircraft engineering company that services Rolls Royce aircraft engines. 

The Challenge

To create a brand for this established company that placed more emphasis on their industrial and B2B clients than the consumer, which meant that their website and front-line marketing materials were not of great importance.  However, they realised the need to better portray their brand in order to recruit talent.  This lead to the company appointing a marketing manager to work with an agency to develop their website and some marketing materials.

Our Solution

Decadence Design had to work closely with the marketing manager and also put together a project team who were unfamiliar with the entire marketing process.  We took the lead to facilitate a mini branding discussion and then develop items for the company to select from, which sped up the decision-making process.

The Result

A customer-centric website that imbues the main brands and values of the company without being too technical.

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